Double Orbit
Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine

While one by one the photographs seem to capture the mundanity of the overlooked urban environment, together they tell a story of how our buildings mirror, and shape, societyICON Magazine

Pujade-Lauraine studies the built environment – searching for cryptic symbols to reveal open-ended allegories‘ Aesthetica

Pujade-Lauraine demonstrates there is beauty and enigma to be found in the simplest of structures, if one is willing to search for them in the labyrinthine passageways of our ever-growing metropolises.GUP

It's rare that a photobook feels so completely integrated with all of it's components, and remarkable that such restraint in making should result in such a surplus of meaning Photo-eye

Double Orbit
 invites us into a compact world of ambiguous signs, secret passages and seemingly haunted premises. Exploring the peripheries of large western metropolises, Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine's photographs study the built environments that harbour and shape human life, revealing the cryptic symbols etched across their surfaces and embedded in their shadows. The looming forms defy easy categorisation and disconcerting cyphers periodically emerge from a lingering dusk; an oversized key, a black concrete moon, or the illusion of a limitless temple.

Pujade-Lauraine’s photographs depict the mundane details of the urban environment, yet when brought together read like a set of tarot cards – becoming open-ended allegories, their meaning awakened solely in combination. Double Orbit presents an elusive world, whose enigmas seem to emerge independently of the deliberate hands that built it, and which alludes to the oblique mysteries held on the surface of familiar surroundings. 

Limited edition of 1,000 signed copies
Embossed singer-sewn hardcover
17.5 x 23cm, 32 pages

ISBN 978-1-912339-88-4
March 2021
€30 £25 $35