MACK LIVE: Bertien van Manen in conversation with Hans Gremmen

Join Bertien van Manen and editor and designer Hans Gremmen as they reflect on the process of creating Van Manen’s new book Archive, drawing on five decades of work made across the world. As they recall the project’s challenges and surprises, they discuss travel, autobiography, and the long lives of images.

Thursday 12 August
18:00 BST, London
13:00 EDT, New York

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About Archive

Since the 1970s, Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen has created intimate and poignant photographs of commonplace scenes, produced during extended trips to Europe, America, China and the former Soviet Union. Van Manen has established herself as a unique voice in documentary photography, her visual language imbued with empathy and respect for the everyday lives of her subjects. This book presents an extensive overview of Van Manen’s work, alongside diary entries and previously unpublished selections from her archive.

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