Winner of the MACK Annual Research Fellowship

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the MACK Annual Research Fellowship is a new project by Izabella Scott and Skye Arundhati Thomas.

This essay-led book project examines ongoing land disputes, military occupation and communication blackouts. Through a piece of written work, and a selection of photo essays made in collaboration with photographers, the project will gather together records produced under daily surveillance and confrontation. It seeks a new register of writing and image to make visible the conditions of military occupation and the protracted violence of blackouts. Given the sensitivity of the subject matter, there will be more details to follow in the coming months. 

The quality and quantity of applications for this year's fellowship were remarkable, and we want to thank each and every one of you who applied. The applications for 2023 will open later this year, so if you weren’t successful this time around please do consider applying again.


Izabella Scott is a writer based in London, UK. Her essays and criticism have appeared in the Financial Times, the London Review of Books, Artforum, frieze, and others. She is currently undertaking a PhD on a section of UK criminal law that intersects with gender and deception. She is co-editor of The White Review

Skye Arundhati Thomas is a writer and editor based in Goa, India. She writes for the London Review of Books, frieze, Artforum, and others. Her essay-length book, Remember the Details, on viral images, courtrooms and a brief history of a protest movement, is out now with Floating Opera Press. She is co-editor of The White Review

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